Center for Climate Change Adaptation
The Center for Climate Change Adaptation (CCCA) works to promote adaptation and research related to climate change adaptation at the National Institute for Environmental Studies.[NOTICE] CCCA will not be able to access during JAN. 8 to JAN. 10 due to maintenance.


In order to promote measures for adapting to climate change in Japan, the CCCA is making various efforts such as promoting development of platforms for information related to the impacts of and adaptation to climate change and providing technical information useful for local climate change adaptation planning and adaptation measures together with the relevant organizations.

Therefore, we maintain a variety of information for domestic use on the Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (commonly referred to as A-PLAT) as described below. We have also developed the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Information Platform (AP-PLAT) to contribute to promoting adaptation measures in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform

    "The aim of A-PLAT is to provide information on climate change and scientific knowledge in relation to the observation and monitoringof the impacts of climate change, the assessment of future impacts and adaptation strategies to a broad audience in an easy-to-usemanner."

  • Asia-Pacific Adaptation Information Platform(AP-PLAT)

    AP-PLAT, the portal website for the platform, will support countries in the Asia-Pacific region in the development of a national adaptation plan that facilitates adapting to our changing climate.


We conduct research that contributes to strategies for adaptive measures including observation and monitoring research of the impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems, soil, water, and the atmosphere and evaluation research on the future impacts of climate change.



We have prepared a brochure that explains the activities of the Climate Change Adaptation Center.

Center for Climate Change Adaptation (PDF:2.5MB)

- Our Team -

We are involved in new work themes for the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) and research on climate change adaptation in an integrated manner in accordance with the Climate Change Adaptation Act (Act No. 50 of 2018).