Center for Climate Change Adaptation

About us

Background of the Establishment

The Climate Change Adaptation Act (Law No. 50 of 2018) promulgated in June, 2018 specifies that the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) shall be responsible for the collection, organization, analysis and provision of information about the climate change impacts and adaptation and the provision of technical advice to local governments and Local Climate Change Adaptation Centers (LCCACs) on their efforts to climate change adaptation.

The Center for Climate Change Adaptation (CCCA) was established as a base for carrying out such new services and research on climate change adaptation on December 1, 2018 in time with the enforcement date of the Climate Change Adaptation Act.

Outline of the Climate Change Adaptation Act

Missions of CCCA

Contribute to the formulation of plans on climate change adaptation and the implementation of adaptation measures by central and local governments and to efforts for climate change adaptation by major players, including business operators and individuals by promoting the collection, organization and analysis of information of climate change impacts and adaptation with research and disseminating their results widely to them with CCCA as the core organization.

Outline of CCCA

Key Activities

Development of information platforms

CCCA will continue to post information of the climate change impacts and adaptation on the “Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (A-PLAT)” , launched to promote efforts of local governments and business operators, etc., with the aim of enhancing and strengthening it as an information platform.

In addition, CCCA will construct an “Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform (AP-PLAT)” as an information platform to support the formulation and implementation of adaptation plans in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region by 2020, contributing to international cooperation in the area of climate change adaptation.

Support to local governments and LCCACs

The impacts of climate change vary greatly by region, and economic and social environments also vary. Therefore, efforts in each region are extremely important in order to implement effective adaptation measures to avoid and mitigate damage caused by climate change.

Therefore, the NIES will carry out the following services by providing information via A-PLAT and collaborating with research institutions on climate change to support activities to be implemented by local governments and Local Centers for Climate Change Adaptation (LCCACs).

  1. Provision of technical advice to prefectures and municipalities on the formulation and promotion of climate change adaptation plans
  2. Provision of technical advice to LCCACs
  3. Provision of written material and explanations and opinions at the request of Local Councils on climate change adaptation

Climate Change Adaptation research programs

In order to scientifically support initiatives for promoting climate change adaptation made by key players, such as local governments, the CCCA will package the following and present them as adaptation research programs: (1) observation and monitoring of climate change impacts; (2) assessment of climate change impacts; and (3) research on the formulation of climate change adaptation strategies.

esearch programs on climate change adaptation