Greeting from the Director of CCCA

Hitoshi MUKAI
DirectorHitoshi MUKAI

We decided to establish the Center for Climate Change Adaptation (CCCA) in accordance with the enforcement of the “Climate Change Adaptation Act” in December 2018.

The “Climate Change Adaptation Act” was promulgated in June 2018 as basic policy to tackle future impacts of climate change in a comprehensive manner by implementing measures for adaptation to the impacts of climate change through complementary cooperation among local governments, businesses and individuals in addition to The Government of Japan. Under this law, the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) is positioned as a “core information platform on climate change impacts and adaptation” , and will play a major role in the area of adaptation measures in Japan.

One key role of CCCA will be developing information platforms on climate change impacts and adaptation and providing local governments with the necessary technical information and assistance required to formulate adaptation plans. In order to achieve this, we will establish an office to promote adaptation measures (Office for Climate Change Adaption Promotion). Further, we will be collecting, organizing, analyzing and integrate a variety of information in collaboration with organizations and universities, etc. involved in national and local government policy measures on climate change impacts and adaptation, while also conducting research at Climate Change Impacts Observation and Monitoring Research Section, Climate Change Impacts Assessment Research Section and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Research Section . The aim of CCCA is to provide assistance for the implementation of broad-based adaptation measures by accumulating local data through the exchange of information with RCCACs (serving as agencies responsible for the collection of data in respective regions, that are expected to be established in the future) and laterally expanding useful information on adaptation. In addition, we plan to analyze and provide information and provide assistance for the implementation of adaptation measures not only in Japan, but also the Asia-Pacific region.

It is necessary to recognize that the impacts of climate change are not constant, but always changing. As a result, we believe it is important to provide new research results and the latest information from local areas in collaboration with respective research organizations. In order to achieve this, we believe that in addition to the provision of information to each of the concerned organizations, it is also important to cooperate in providing information on climate change impacts and adaptation to each and every resident and further build on adaptation technologies and adaptation businesses by business operators. It is our aim to run CCCA based on feedback from a broad range of stakeholders as we work toward the future and hope for your guidance and cooperation from now.